MGC‌BC • Steering Committee

Composed of Three individuals :

Chair ‌  Finance / Acquisitions  ‌  Member services 
None of them has a grow licence or an interest in any particular grow operation.
They are not a member of any political party, group or for profit organization. They are an independent, non-bias group whose only mandate is the establishment of a marijuana growers’ co-operative.
All Steering Committee Members are on the board of the Association for Medical Marijuana Awareness, a Non-profit Organization.
Personal remuneration for the Steering committee and their staff will be from commissions on the sales of membership shares.  Administrative costs, expenses, marketing, supplies, etc will be paid by MGC‌BC.
Upon becoming a Recreational Marijuana Producer - Must register as a Business entity and obtain government issued business numbers for all remittance and reporting requirements. You will receive a quota based on your licence. Payments will be by cheque or electronic transfer. Your facilities will be inspected.
Production in excess of individual quotas must be turned into a depot. The deposition will be one of the following:
  •  Donated for research.
  •  On a ‘case by case’ basis it may be used to top up shortfalls on other quotas due to crop failure, etc.
     (You would receive the payment for your product.)
    It will be destroyed
The sale of product anywhere other than a MGC‌BC depot would be a criminal act and would result in cancellation of member and could result in criminal charges.
Why we use your licence number :
Your personal information is registered with the federal government against your licence number. It is protected by privacy rules and cannot be publicly released. Licences are distinct and unique and can act as identification without the disclosure of your personal information.
We retain a paper copy of your personal information in order to administrate the program, determine volumes, depot locations, regional boundaries, etc. Also, at some point we will be required to prove to government authorities that the members we have are legitimate licence holders.
You must have a validMedical Marijuana Grower Licence to be a member and buy a share.
 Click Here - Health Canada - Medical Cannabis Production -  Information -  Application Forms 
Membership shares must be registered against a valid ‘medical marijuana grower licence’ number.
One share per licence.
Payment may be made by cheque or money order payable to MGC‌BC. Online payment by credit card is available. No personal information will be retained.
We recommend that you do not send us personal information on line.
Download - MGCBC APPLICATION FORM - Here , make a paper copy, fill it out. 
Make a 2nd copy for yourself  and send the original application form and a copy of your grow licence by regular postal service to:
Box 159
113-437 Martin St.
Penticton, BC, V2A 5L1
The completed application form we receive, will be held by us, as confidential files in a secure location. There will be no other copies, electronic or paper. All file information and correspondence will be with the licence #.