A Board will be formed with Three founding members (Steering Committee).  Members of the MGCBC and their immediate family members are not eligible to serve on Steering Committee or be employed by or act as an agent for the MGCBC, until the first General Meeting and Elections are held.
1    The initial mandate of the Board is to get Recognized as the Agent for Independent Marijuana
       Growers in British Columbia.
2  •  Once the initial mandate is achieved the Board will work towards organizing a General Meeting
        and Elections for the ongoing Board, to be held 120 days after MGCBC is recognized as the agent
        for Independent Marijuana Growers.
3  •  The incumbent Board shall create proposals, recommendations and draft copies of policies,
       procedures and business practices for the incoming Board to debate, modify and formalize as the
       Official Terms, Conditions and Practices of the MGCBC.