MGCBC Outline

The Co-op becomes the agent for independent marijuana producers.
The Co-op deals exclusively with ‘dried marijuana’.
License holders become members of Co-op and receive a quota based on license parameters.
Member are only permitted to grow their quota and sell to the Co-op.
Only the Co-op is permitted to market and supply product to consumer level distributors.
The Co-op would be responsible for grading and pricing of the product and maintaining quality control.
The Co-op would establish terms and conditions for membership, including, but not limited to,
   production facility standards, code of ethics, compliance with the requirements of all levels of government.
Members will be subject to all the reporting requirements of business; business licenses, tax
  accounts, payroll, WCB, etc. and any other reporting requirements specific to the industry.
Members will be subject to and compliant with health, safety, fire and building code requirements.