MGCBC • Revenue Shares

What happens with the Membership Shares revenue?

Initial phase will be used for :
 •  Administrative costs
 •  Marketing
 •  Expenses related to lobbying efforts
 •  Commissions
Once MGCBC is acknowledged as a collective of recreational producers, capital costs will be incurred :
 •  A head office
 •  8 regional depots – warehouse and packaging facilities
 •  Research, development and testing facilities
 •  Trucks, equipment, supplies
 •  Other costs for the establishment of the infrastructure
Initial funding has been provided by way of a personal loan from the Chair.  It is non-interest bearing and is to be repaid within  SIX Months of the MGCBC being recognized as the agent for recreation marijuana growers.
The Marijuana Growers Co-operative of British Columbia is a service provider for growers.  It will only retain profits for capital funding of infrastructure and required assets.  Any excess profits would be returned to the members as a return on their investment.  Budgets will be created such that excess profits will be avoided.