MGCBC Suppositions

None of the following statements has been ‘proven ’ as ‘true ’ according to the legal definition of these terms.  
They are statements that we believe to be truthful.

There are over 30,000 Licensed Marijuana Growers in British Columbia.
They have a combined production capacity of 1,000,000 lbs. Per Month with a market value of $38 Billion annually.
This is sufficient capacity to make BC the Pre-eminent supplier of marijuana for recreational use in Canada.
The current Licensed Producers approved by the Federal Government do not have the capacity to supply what will 
    be the required amount of Recreational Marijuana.
The shortfall in production will be made up by the ‘black market’.
Importing marijuana would not be economically sensible since we have the production capacity available locally,
    with the resulting capital and revenues remaining within BC.
There are currently No producers of Legal Recreational Marijuana, all Recreational Marijuana is supplied from
    the ‘black market’.
BC is currently the Pre-eminent supplier of Recreational Marijuana available in the ‘black market’ in Canada.
The underground marijuana market in BC is immense and will require a huge investment in time and
    resources to eradicate.