MGCBC Advanatages & Benifits

  It provides centralized control and management of Marijuana Production.
  Existing growers, by becoming members, become subject to government oversight.
  By establishing a supply that is able to meet the demand and keeping prices low it will effectively
    squeeze any remaining ‘black market’ producers out of business.
  It creates a tremendous pool of experienced and qualified marijuana producers, which in turn will
    create a competitive production market, ensuring variety and quality.
•  Currently 1000’s of people are working in the marijuana industry ‘under the table’.
•  As a government regulated industry it would create 100’s of new jobs, bring the current workers into
    the system and inject a tremendous amount of capital into the economy very quickly.
The Marijuana Industry in BC has been STABLE for almost Four Decades.  It could serve as a model commodity market, with steady, balanced supply and demand levels, consistent, stable pricing, an effective distribution system, overwhelming market acceptance and customer satisfaction. 
The current industry is self-regulated and operates using standard business practices.  Consistent, high quality is maintained by intense competition fueled by growers’ pride in their product, like independent breweries and wineries.  The only significant difference between the marijuana industry and any other industry in BC is that the marijuana industry is done on a cash basis.
Marijuana is a BC industry, its foundations are in BC, it was developed here, it grew here and spread out from here.
British Columbia was winning international awards for the quality of its Marijuana in the 80’s, major court battles have been fought and won in BC.  The Marijuana industry is firmly established in British Columbia, it is efficient, effective, accepted by the people. 
It is not broken, it does not need to be fixed, it needs to be adopted, absorbed and regulated.  It is our industry, we built it, now is not the time to give it away.