Marijuana Growers Co-Op of British Columbia

Who we are :
...a group of organizing Licensed Medical Marijuana Growers who formed into a collective to represent our common interests.

A steering committee has been established to lobby the Provincial and Federal Government for a change in the designation of the members of the Co-Op from “ Medical Marijuana Producers ” to "Legal Recreational Marijuana Producers".  
There is strength in numbers.

Co-Operative Membership

Co-Op Membership :

  1   •  Suppositions
  2   •  Co-Op Outline
  3   •  The Board
     Revenue Shares
  5   •  Advantages & Benefits
  6   •  
How it Works
  7   •  
Why you Join
  8   •  
What you Get

  9   •  How to Join
10   •  Steering Committee

If you would like to become a Member or you have Questions.. 
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MGC‌BC  Box 159  113-437  Martin St.  Penticton   BC  V2A 5L1


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